Access information and device-specific IDs acquired by cookies and web beacons

In our service, we may use technology which can ascertain the status of access from a user’s computer, such as “cookies” which check the user by sending a small data file from the server to the user's hard disk or memory or a “web beacon,” to obtain the activity history and statistics of the user's website and also the user's device-specific ID (including device information, device-specific ID, browser type and version, used language and IP address) etc.

We mainly use access information such as cookies and device-specific IDs for mostly the following purposes:

・ Customizing website content and page information… To make our website more convenient, we may use cookies to provide personalized information to each user, such as article recommendations and simplified access etc.
・ Delivery of Relevant Advertisement to Users… When delivering advertisements by us or third-party companies, access information such as cookies may be used to deliver more relevant advertisement to users, utilizing methods as behavioral targeting.

If you visit a page that displays advertisements distributed by a third party, the third party will also obtain cookie information. Cookie information collected at these sites will not be provided or disclosed to us and will be managed in accordance with the privacy policy established by the third-party company.