Gotcha Gotcha Games


Come and join us and sell your game graphics and music to the world as the Official DLC for the Maker series!
Gotcha Gotcha Games(GGG) is looking for creators who can create official DLC for the Maker series.
Have you ever felt any of the following? If yes, come and join us!

〇 I’d like to see the graphic/music that I’ve created to be used all over the world!
〇 I find it difficult to create a full game, but I can create graphics and music!
〇 I want to make income from selling assets

You can focus on creating your materials, and GGG will provide…

● Advice on how to turn them into products ● A platform to sell the product ● After-sales service
Please check the eligibility requirements and other information below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Anyone, whether professional, amateur or hobbyist, are welcome.
We are looking for graphic artists, illustrators, sound creators, and companies who excel at game graphics and sound production.

【Sales Conditions】

GGG shall split the net revenue with the creator in a pre-agreed ratio and will perform support and registration on Steam and other stores.

<Examples of the services we provide>
● Supervision, including the quality check for the DLC ● Operating the DLC store sales and distribution settings, managing the approval procedure. ● Providing publicity through posting announcements on the official website, SNS, etc.

【Compatibility Requirement】

・RPG Maker MZ
・RPG Maker MV
・Pixel Game Maker MV


We are looking for DLC to be sold as the Official DLC for RPG Maker MZ, RPG Maker MV, and Pixel Game Maker MV.
We will evaluate the submitted plans, proposals, and sample data carefully to find the best match that meets the criteria of the Official DLC.

<Evaluation Criteria>
・Does it overlap with existing projects or materials?
・Does it have originality?
・Is the content easy to use?
And so on!

Please keep in mind that even if your work is not chosen, this does not imply that we reject your work or style! We will host more DLC recruitments in the future and you are always welcome to try again!

Example: Dark Fantasy Resource Pack
● 8 characters, containing:
・Walking sprite & TVD
・Facial image
・Character upper-body images
・SV animated battlers
● Audio: 5 tracks
● Window skin x 1

【Material Standards】

RPG Maker MZ Material Standards
RPG Maker MV Material Standards
Pixel Game Maker MV Standards

【Steps from recruitment to contract and sales】

1. We will explain the terms of the sales contract to you once you have passed the screening process.
We will ask you to proceed with the actual production of the material collection once you have agreed to the contract.
This step may be skipped if you already covered enough contents for a complete product.

2. We will answer questions or provide assistance where necessary during the creation process. GGG has a library of past examples to serve as reference.

3. Once your production is complete, we will perform a final inspection and register it for sale.

【How to Apply】

Please send an email to the address below with your DLC plan/proposal along with the URL to download a sample of your work.
The subject line should be "Official DLC Project for the Maker Series".
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through this email address.

Your personal information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which can be reviewed here.

We will review your application and inform you of the result by e-mail in about two weeks, regardless of whether your application has been accepted or rejected. If you do not hear from us within two weeks, there may be a problem with the email. In that case, please reach out to us again!